Monday, January 15, 2007

Bike Commuting and Grumpiness

This Sunday while trying to relax and enjoy a rainy day watching movies, Danielle called my name from the basement. Her bellow was in an all too familiar ominous tone. The kind of tone that can only mean there is trouble. I prepared myself as I made my way down the stairs. Was it a spider, a leaky pipe, the air conditioner…? What I found when I reached my decline to the basement was water leaking from the ceiling tiles. After some investigation we determined that the previous homeowner sliced the flexible conduit that directs our drier exhaust outside. This was creating tropical conditions above our drop ceiling which was causing our pipes to sweat like a can of ice cold Coke sitting in the sun. After cursing the previous home-owner who apparently did all of his home “repairs” drunk and blindfolded I made my way to the hardware store to get the necessary supplies to correct the problem. I briefly considered grabbing my fixed gear and messenger bag and riding to the store but I was far too grumpy to do anything fun like ride a bike (Danielle will attest to this last point I’m sure). When I got to the hardware store I noticed a regular guy on a very ordinary bike. He was doing what I should have done- bicycle commuting! This sight brought a smile to my face and I made a personal vale to ride my bike next time I am in this circumstance- in spite of grumpiness.


Mike said...

Perfect timing on this one....I myself am stuck doing house work today.

Danielle said...

At least it wasn't a spider :)