Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lug Lust

I have always admired frames built in the lugged tradition. Their timeless beauty, durability, and ride quality are exceptional. In a few days The Bicycle Escape will have YiPsan frames at the shop. The custom frames crafted at YiPsan are truly works of art. I will keep you posted on the arrival of these handmade gems.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Weight Weenies Rejoice

Weight weenies of the world The Bicycle Escape has your back. We are in the process of building a bicycle weight index. The index will include weights that are recorded in our shop on our digital scale. This should prove to be a helpful resource for weight conscious shoppers. Check back often and watch the index grow.

Warning: Please do not obsess over weight, it should be only one factor considered when bike shopping. Fit, durability, and functionality must also be considered. If you find yourself becoming obsessed with the weight of your bicycle parts consult your local bicycle shop. Bike Weight Obsession (BWO) is a serious problem and needs to be addressed at the first sign of symptoms.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Holy Beautiful Day Batman!!!

With temps hovering around 70 degrees I felt compelled to go for a cycle. I rode by an old, and now deteriorating building that I have always wanted to photograph and today I did just that. Next on the agenda was a great veggie sandwich at Café Nola. Riding down Gashouse Pike I reminisced of riding the same road many years ago with my father, very fond memories. Back then it was not so heavily trafficked. Even with the cars it was a very pleasant ride. I hope I was not the only one who was able to enjoy this day. Anyone else play hooky?

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Ryan's Ripper

Over the past few months Ryan, one of the guys here at the shop, has been painstakingly piecing together a Black Market MOB frame. No part was installed without consideration. The culmination of Ryan's efforts is a 28.76 pound beauty. With Chris King hubs, a Tree sprocket, Animal pedals, and a Paul brake lever the bike is super well equipped.