Saturday, April 28, 2007

MTBR Single Speed Press Release

Being the hams that we are we can't seem to stay out of the news! A couple of days ago we were featured on MTBR. They posted a press release about our sponsorship of the world famous one speed wonders aka The Single Speed Outlaw Factory Team. If you did not catch it on the site here is a link:

Friday, April 27, 2007

Frederick News Post Article

Well kiddies I made it into the Frederick News Post today- complete with goofy grin. The article was well done and tons of fun to read so check it out! For those of you who had your paper stolen by your neighbor here is a link.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Titus El Guapo

Like a doting father I just had to share with the world the birth of a new bike, we call him Titus El Guapo. After a 4 month gestation period the bike was finally delivered yesterday. Tipping the scale at 32.14 lbs he is one of the lighter bikes in his class. Our readers with keen eyes may have noticed our El Guapo was born with an upgraded shock. That’s right a Fox DHX Air 5.0. For a big boy he pedals great (due to good FSR stock and selective breeding I assume). Thanks for sharing in our moment of joy- now come on in and test ride!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

IRD 11-34 10 Speed Cassette

Finally wide range 10 speed cassettes are on the market. IRD (Interlock Racing Design) is the forward thinking company that is making randonneur, tandem, and touring cyclists everywhere smile. The new rear cluster will require a long cage (mountain bike style) rear derailleur and will shift smoothly with Shimano 10 speed STI shifters. The downside of this modification is that the pricey cassette ($155+/-) does not shift very smooth. This is a worthy aftermarket purchase if having a wide range of gears in more important than a butter smooth shift.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Single Speed Outlaw Factory Team

The Bicycle Escape is proud to announce that we are sponsoring the Single Speed Outlaw Factory Team. The club initiation meeting took place at the shop on Sunday April 15th. We are excited to further our support of single speed bikes as a legitimate option/alternative to the shifty bikes (which we love too!). The team members are comprised of riders, racers, bike advocates, and more. All of the members are passionate supporters of bike culture and advocacy which made SSO and TBE a perfect match! Welcome to the family Outlaws!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Bottle Cap Bar Plugs

Call us crazy…call us mad…but we can’t seem to stop finding cool and exciting ways to recycle those colorful bottle caps that typically get tossed in the trash bin. This idea was inspired by a request made on our online photo album hosted by Flickr. It took a little experimentation to get the technique down but with the help of brew-master RiderX we finally figured it out!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Baker Park Garrett’s 5K Run

This past week winter has made a reappearance here in Frederick. Saturday Danielle and some TBE groupies (Aaron and Sarah) helped to support the Garrett’s 5k Run in Baker Park. Two were on wheels and one on foot. They helped to ensure all of the runners safety and acted as communication with the run officials. They also helped to cheer the shivering runners down the road. In spite of a few little snow flakes the event was a great success and helped to raise money for the Garrett Petronchak Memorial Scholarship.
Thanks to Bill Smith for snapping this photo.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bottle Cap Head Tube Badges

Several months ago we started a special project at The Bicycle Escape. We reshaped bottle caps to turn them into bicycle head tube badges. At first the result was rather primitive but as weeks turned into months we honed our technique. Now we are able to turn discarded caps into beautiful cold-forged works of art. They are suitable for any round tube (bicycle tubes, walking sticks, etc.) and are compatible with both foreign and domestic bike frames. At this point we have amassed quite a collection so stop by and see if we have one to compliment your bike. At just a buck and a half you can’t go wrong!