Thursday, April 19, 2007

IRD 11-34 10 Speed Cassette

Finally wide range 10 speed cassettes are on the market. IRD (Interlock Racing Design) is the forward thinking company that is making randonneur, tandem, and touring cyclists everywhere smile. The new rear cluster will require a long cage (mountain bike style) rear derailleur and will shift smoothly with Shimano 10 speed STI shifters. The downside of this modification is that the pricey cassette ($155+/-) does not shift very smooth. This is a worthy aftermarket purchase if having a wide range of gears in more important than a butter smooth shift.

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John said...

Got it with a deore long cage. Love it, love it period. I'll wager a lot of folks will overlook "buttery" shifting for the ability to take on any hill. I switched out my dura ace 11-27 cassete and ultegra short cage and will never ever think about going back. Works perfect for my 50-34 compact. Forgo the heavier and cumbersome triple cranck. Keep your double and get one of these. You'll do two cat 1 instead of one every single day. How smooth does shifting have to be, this thing went up 2000feet with me shifting all the time. Hanging back on the 28 and 34 is supreme and saves your energy for the last 500 feet sprints. Deathvalleyjohn