Friday, March 09, 2007

Titus Envy

A gauge of how cool a bicycle is might be the level of jealously experienced by the mechanic who assembles the machine. I recently built a Titus Eleven all dressed up with Shimano XTR bits for a local rider named Adam. Now, I work in a bike shop and have done so for well over a decade now. I don’t get jealous about that many bicycles. I mean come on... I light my cigars by burning custom bicycle frames. After building up Adam’s new ride I found myself wishing it was my own. The Titanium hardtail had flawless welds and the new XTR equipment shifted fast and precise. The bike, as pictured with XTR pedals and Ti cage, tipped the scale at 23.03lbs. Oh well, this bike my not be mine but at least it was fun to assemble and share with the world!

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Backyard Bikers said...

boy that is the most beautifull machine. he is one lucky dude. i remeber he was talkin about a titus road bike as well did that go anywhere?