Friday, March 23, 2007

"The New Guy"

My name is David and I am a recent hire at The Bicycle Escape. I am new here, but I am the “old guy” in the shop… I have been around bikes riding seriously since 1986. I have worked at two other bike shops in Frederick over the past 15 or so years.
Being older, I have had my time riding and racing and then “falling off the horse” so to speak… Life gets in the way. Marriage, having children, career choices, injuries, and the list of excuses can be long. I haven’t quit riding or being active, I am just not the zealot I once was. I ride with my wife and kids, coach soccer and play other sports with my family. We go camping and take the bikes on every outing.
Being back in the shop has given me the itch to get back on the saddle and get back to riding more miles! Even though my mountain bike is somewhat out dated, (can’t be upgraded to disc brakes!) I still want to get back up in the woods as well. Working with the younger staff at The Bicycle Escape is very inspirational to an old dog like me. I am having a lot of fun getting to know everyone and working there.
Riding is an activity that everyone can enjoy at any level, or at any age. Whether it is tooling around the neighborhood with the kids, riding towpath to Harper’s Ferry for ice cream, enjoying the scenery of the watershed, pounding the pedals on the roads, biking around here is greatly rewarding. I don’t think you need to get a job in a bike shop to remember the joys of riding so get back out there and ride! Maybe I will see you out on the road or in the woods!

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riderx said...

No doubt, the riding of all sorts is great around here.

Don't let the lack of disc brakes hold you back on the MTB. We somehow managed with canti-levers back in the day!