Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sunday's Bicycle Commute

Well begrudgingly we are now open on Sunday’s through the month of December. Since I have sacrificed my only day off I decided to commute to work by bicycle. The ride dulled the pain of working all day for the "tyrant." As I pedaled I was reminded of two things: One- I am out of shape and Two- I love bicycle commuting. I find that riding clears my head and I am able to come up with great ideas... nothing of immense value but I did come up with a few good novelty T-shirt slogans.


Crirical Mss Low Impact said...

Lookin pretty decked out there Tom were you able to ride to work and then home?

Mike said...

What's the mileage on that commute? 10-12 miles?

Tom said...

I could not ride home b/c we had to rush to the tree farm after work. I forgot to reset my computer but the commute is arround 13-14 miles