Thursday, December 14, 2006

2007 XTR Crank Bash Guard

2007 XTR Crank Bash Guard

We received the much anticipated 2007 XTR crank set today. Many of my riding partners have been asking if it will accommodate a bash guard. From the pictures I have seen I said “yes” but I gave Shimano a call to be sure. All I could get out of Shimano was “well it’s not a freeride crank why don’t you spec a Saint…” So I decided to find out for myself. Well I am happy to report you can run the 2007 Shimano XTR crank with a bash guard. I should note that the first bash guard I attempted to install was by Dangerboy and that guard did not fit. However, with a few passes with a file (on the guard not the crank) the Dangerboy product could be encouraged to fit just fine. Now all you have to do is find a good home for the $180 chainring you just took off ;)


kev said...

Nice, I think you beat most everyone to the punch on this. You should post it on mtbr or something.

Mike said...

That's good news. I really wish the 07 crank was available when I built my bike.

Crashmore said...

I really wish you hadn't posted that. Now I want one and they're apparently in stock :( My credit card is gonna take a beating this month... I hate you. :)