Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Spot Bash Guard

Spot Bash Gaurd

The Guys and Gals at The Bicycle Escape are quite fond of running a bash guard in place of the big ring on our mountain bikes. Recently we documented one of the installations (on Danielle’s bike). The benefits of a bash guard are: increased clearance, a tighter chain, and protection for your chain and rings.

After the installation Danielle increased her clearance by 34mm (about 1 3/8” for the metrically challenged). Since the big ring was removed we were able to take 3 links from the chain and still accommodate the two largest rings. Because she used a light weight Spot Brand bash guard, the weight of the bike was almost unaffected by this modification (she saved .04 lbs).

Riding at Gambrill and the Frederick Watershed (our usual stomping ground) we do not find the big ring necessary. If you are considering installing a bash guard on your bike first determine if you ever use your big ring. This modification is not for everyone. However, if your big ring causes you to sin (or stumble) cut it off!


kev said...

The Spot guard is nice and light but it probably won't hold up too well to constant bashing. If you are hardcore, freeride guy you might want to get a heavier guard.

Tom said...

I have the E-13 on my Titus and that seems to be pretty tough!

Mike said...

I can't say that I have ever missed my big ring.

Kev said...

I was doing the bash ring thing for awhile but when I started racing I put my big ring back on. I've used it quite a bit. I actually used it alot at the SM 100 going down those fire roads. Then again I'm a flat trail NOVA weenie :)