Saturday, September 30, 2006

Today I Rode like a Girl

Today I went on a Ride Like a Girl group ride at Seneca Greenway with a bunch of really cool ladies! Honestly, this was my first time mountain bike riding with the female gender and it was pretty nice. I found myself chatting with the others about the different breeds of dogs and sharing silly husband stories which is a far cry from my usually mountain ride conversation. Actually, I don't do much conversing when I am out the guys on account of my inability to breath.

While on our ride it began to rain and kept raining until we were running through mud puddles and sliding on slippery roots and wet leaves. It reminded me of favorite high school cross country and track races when we got to run in the rain. There's nothing like clawing your way up a muddy hill as you pass other drenched runners who couldn't handle a few rain drops.

Anyway, we eventually turned around and headed back as not to ruin the beautiful trails or risk any rain-related crashes.

Afterwards, we hung out in the parking lot and I got to meet a lot more interesting people. Finally, we went to a Caribbean & Latin Cuisine Cafe - a new one for me.

As one of the riders said on the last leg of the ride..."What a great way to start a day." I agree :)


Anonymous said...

Any cute single ladie riders? Inquiring minds want to know!

Mrs. Outlaw said...

Don't know about the single ladies, but we always have a great time! Anyone (of the female persuasion) interested should check out the Ride Like a Girl website - for more info. Rides will be schedule through the month of November.

The next ride is Saturday 10/14 @ the Avalon section of Patpsco.