Friday, May 22, 2009

2010 Specialized Bicycles

OMG! use the parlance of our rapidly declining culture! I am crazy busy but wanted to make a quick post showing off some of the 2010 Specialized Langster, etc. These are straight-up ghetto pictures from the sneak peak catalog (note the pics have been upgraded). As you can see the big red S has an old school steel Langster frame, pretty cool huh?!?! They are also offering an aluminum complete black model. The city based Langsters have yet to be released (if they continue the tradition). Also pictured are some of the 2010 Specialized 29er mountain bikes. The most notable thing here is that the big wheels have trickled down to the Hardrock series. Around $600 will get you rolling on 29 inchers. This really shows the penetration the platform has made. Finally, the 2010 Allez Comp. There are no monumental changes here. Stay posted because there is more to come!


Josiah D Clark said...

Is there a MSRP on the steel Langster?


Tom said...

Pricing is still being established but it should be around $440

James said...

Any idea what the Allez Comp is? A replacement for the Sport or Elite?

I'm waiting for a Sport as they have all sold out - so this is really interesting to me! :)

Anonymous said...

I talked to my LBS and they told me the allez comp is going to replace the elite in the lineup. The elite moves down to where the sport was. The sport is now a lower end bike, sub $1000 with no S105 parts. So if you were eyeing 2009 allez sport, I believe the same bike for 2010 will be the allez elite. According to my LBS.