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2010 Specialized 29ers (available late Oct.)

Press Release from Specialized

Our new 29ers are not simply just new product offerings that are replacing or are just as
good as our past and present 29er offerings. Thanks to the work we’ve done with a range of riders including Todd Wells, Conrad Stoltz and the guys at local Specialized dealers, these new bikes represent the most evolved 29er line-up on the planet.

More than just a 29 Inch Wheel!
All of our 29er frames are purpose built from the most advanced and proven designs in the industry. Our Stumpjumper HT, Stumpjumper FSR, and Epic FSR are the best hard tail and full-suspension designs available, which is why we chose to use these time tested designs as the backbone to our 29-inch line-up. Our 29er frames look like their 26-inch brethren, but that is where the similarities stop. Our 29er platforms were built with the specific purpose of being a 29er. Our goal was to use what we know about
suspension design, pedaling efficiency, and bump performance and optimize that for the 29-inch wheels. Our 29er bikes extrapolate all of the performance benefits of the 29-inch wheels without any sacrifices. All Specialized 29er bikes feature the same signature Specialized technology, such as FSR technology, Brain technology, Fact Carbon, M5 alloy, and cold forgings. Our Epic and Stumpjumper 29er bikes feature 1.5-1.125” tapered head tubes for increased front end stiffness and control. 29er forks are longer and place much more leverage and load on the front end of the bicycle. This feature is unique to our 29ers, as their 26” alloy counter parts don’t have it.


Faster Rolling: 29-inch wheels maintain speed/momentum much better than 26-inch wheeled bikes. This is a great advantage when riding on rolling terrain and flat terrain.

Smoother Riding: The larger diameter of a 29-inch wheeled bike helps smooth out the ride of any bike.

Increased Control: A combination of a decreased angle of attack, and increased wheel diameter. The factors work together to provide a synergy of increased control and confidence. Increased wheel diameter also allows the bike to stay on top of the terrain, and “float” rather than sink into it.

Enhanced Traction: Climb very well in loose, rocky or sandy terrain. The larger diameter of the 29-inch wheel increases what I would refer to as the “slip point” of the tire. 29ers climb well in loose, rocky or sandy terrain. The larger diameter of the 29-inch wheel increases the ‘slip point’ of the tire. This allows the rider to use less energy and
maintain a smooth cadence in loose, rocky conditions. The larger wheels also don’t get as easily hung up on ledges or shelves.

Increased Bottom Bracket Drop: Rider’s weight is lower in the bike in relation to the front axle, when compared to a 26” bike, so it feels like the ride is sitting lower ‘in’ the bike.

Why It’s Great
The all-new Epic 29er is the most efficient 29-inch wheeled competitive XC bike available. By designing it from the ground-up, we were able to tune every performance
element on the Epic 29er. An integrated approach to design, including a tuned rear
shock with Brain technology, and heavily refined M5 aluminum chassis make the Epic
29er more efficient, more comfortable and better handling than any other performance
XC 29er on the market. The legendary Epic has always been the fastest bike from Point
A to Point B, and now, it comes with all the benefits offered by a 29-inch platform.
A revolutionary development in suspension technology made even better, this Epic 29er’s smaller and lighter FlowControl Mini Brain allows the Epic’s rear shock to instantaneously transition between firm and fully active settings, enhancing both efficiency and control. The Mini Brain has a lighter spring that enhances small bump compliance, while its firm setting delivers maximum efficiency in smooth terrain— making it perfect for high performance riding and racing.

Primary Benefits
Low Weight: Every extra gram has been shaved from the Epic 29er’s overall weight
thanks to an insane attention to detail. The Epic 29er’s 90-mm travel M5 aluminum
frame has been designed from the ground up for performance without additional weight. Critical suspension components were integrated to the greatest extent possible and wheels and Specialized Fast Trak LK 29er tires were specifically developed to shave weight while enhancing control.
Increased Control: With a completely custom geometry and tuned FSR suspension and tapered headtube the Epic 29er is the best
handling performance cross-country 29er available. Thanks to the integrated development of the M5 chassis, suspension fork and rear shock with Brain Fade technology, the Epic 29er rails trails and race courses like nobody’s business.

More refined than ever, the Epic 29er’s all-new M5 alloy frame combines high strength alloy with skillful engineering and state-of-the-art manufacturing to create category-
leading weight and rigidity. The new Epic 29er features a geometry and tubeset developed especially around the performance demands of a 29-inch wheel.

Simply put, FSR® is the most effective suspension system for enhancing comfort,
control and efficiency in any riding situation or wheel size. Tuned just for our Epic 29er,
FSR’s fully active design keeps the rear tire in contact with the terrain, resulting in dramatically increased traction and control. FSR is also fully independent, meaning suspension is unaffected by brake forces or chain torque. At the same time, perceivable pedal “kick back” and “drop away” are eliminated. Maximum Efficiency - Thanks to the integration and refinement of the Epic 29er’s Brain damper and custom tuned forks,
the Epic is the most efficient performance mountain bike available. The Brain damper
can instantaneously transition from firm to fully active to match changes in the terrain.
You can’t have a high-performance 29er without a purpose-built, high-performance
suspension fork. We’ve teamed with RockShox to develop the custom Reba S29 fork
that offers unsurpassed steering precision, ultra low weight (it's 100 grams lighter than
even the lightest stock Reba) and our Reba features a custom Specialized carbon crown/steer combined that boosts stiffness and steering precision. When combined with the oversized end caps found on our Roval 29er wheels, it provides the lightest and stiffest performance 29er fork. Because it features up to 100mm of travel, the Specialized Reba fork gives the Epic enhanced descending capabilities, without sacrificing any handling or performance benefits Thanks to our Total Suspension Integration approach to design and development, the spring curve and damping rate of the Epic 29er’s AFR rear shock are tuned to match FSR linkage rate, maximizing bump force management by matching travel to bump magnitude so small impacts are supply absorbed, and big hits are handled with aplomb. Proper tuning of the linkage rate and rear shock were an essential part of delivering a 29-inch wheeled bike that climbs and
accelerates as well as it descends and carries speed.

Tuned FSR: As with every FSR suspension bike we make, the Epic 29er’s FSR suspension has been tuned for maximum performance in the kinds of riding that 29er pilots seek. With 15-plus years of tuning and tinkering we’re able to help 29er riders achieve the best possible riding experience by enhancing comfort, control and efficiency on any terrain. FSR’s amazing versatility gives Specialized engineers the freedom to perfect it for different rides, delivering a wider variety of purpose-specific performance than any other suspension system on the market. Because the Epic 29er’s FSR suspension is active and independent (the same as any other FSR-based bike), it is free to compress and rebound in an uninhibited manner--whether pedaling, coasting, or braking--and functions with no perceptible pedal "kick-back" or "drop-away." This keeps the tires on the ground a greater percentage of the time, yielding more traction for
increased control over speed and direction; more comfort by remaining compliant; and more efficiency because chain torque goes to moving you forward, not up and down.

Fact Chassis: The Stumpjumper’s 29er has a FACT Triple Monocoque frame that
integrates the best manufacturing methods to create an optimized structure that is incredibly light, unbeatably stiff and super strong.
Purpose-Built Geometry: Thanks to a completely custom geometry, our 29er bikes
extrapolate all of the performance benefits of the 29” wheels without any sacrifices. We’ve applied everything we’ve learned in making mountain bikes for the past 28 years to make our 29er rigs the best riding bikes available.
Custom Reba S29: Our custom Reba S29 90-mm travel fork is the only 29er suspension fork available with a tapered carbon crown/steerer tube and is still 100g lighter than the lightest stock Reba offering from RockShox.
Tapered Headtube: Our Epic and Stumpjumper 29er bikes feature 1.5-1.125” tapered head tubes for increased front end stiffness and control. 29er forks are longer and place much more leverage and load on the front end of the bicycle.
The World’s Best 29er Is All In The Details
Tapered Headtube/Integrated Crown: Our new Epic and Stumpjumper 29er bikes feature 1.5-1.125” tapered head tubes for increased front end stiffness and control. It is even more important on a bike with larger wheels, because 29er forks are longer and place much more leverage and load on the front end of the bicycle. Our new Stumpjumper S-Works Carbon Hardtail is the only 29er hardtail to feature
this technology.
FACT Carbon Crank: The result of our quest for greater efficiency through the integration of all critical components of a bike, the S-Works oversized carbon crankset is feathery light and incredibly stiff, and spins on a vastly oversize bottom bracket spindle. One of the secrets behind our ability to make the lightest and stiffest 29er hardtail available, the S-Works carbon crank will feature custom chainrings for enhanced shifting.
Custom 29er Geometry: We’ve taken everything we’ve learned from building bikes for the past 28 years to make the best handling 29er frame on the market. Thanks to our ongoing process of development we’ve refined the geometry of our 29ers to give them a crisp feel without a loss in stability.

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It looks like Specialized is really tuning into the details for 2010, I can't wait. I'm assuming you can't use 2009 reba 29er forks on the tapered head tubes of the 2010s correct? Does this mean that people who want to go with the frame only option have to buy the custom reba fork?