Thursday, May 22, 2008

2009 Specialized Bikes

Here are a few more 2009 bikes. The 2009 Rockhopper Comp 29 (shown in green and black) is a great budget 29er. In keeping with the 2008 bike, the frame comes stock with sliding drop outs to accommodate a single speed conversion if the rider ever desires.

The P.1 AM Disc is a stout aluminum hop-around bike. The bike will also be offered in stain grey/bronze or orange. If you are looking for a playful mountain bike in a lower price point the AM might be the right bike for you.

No word on any of the nicer road bikes just yet but check back often for more updates.

Even though I am hooking you fine folks up with this sneak peak don’t get all antsy just yet. We still have quite a while before these hit the show room floor.


Anonymous said...

So when can we expect these to be released?

Anonymous said...

do you know what MSRP will be on the rockhopper comp 29? i really want to wait for this bike but i'm not sure if i'll be able to hold off the itch long enough.

Tom said...

The RH Comp 29 (early intro) should be around $940.

The 09 stuff is staring to trickle in now but the high end stuff is still around 2 months away.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the quick reply, much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Any idea if they will keep the burnt orange color that was used on the 2008s?

Tom said...

Expect new colors for 2009.