Thursday, October 25, 2007

HELP! Local Parks in Danger

It has come to my attention that eight Maryland parks are under immediate risk of closure. Gambrill and Greenbrier are on that list. It is imperative that we as riders, voters, and activists contact our local officials to let them know that this is not acceptable. A good way to find out who your officials are is to visit this website: It is too late for letters to be sent so use email and phone calls instead. Please do this TODAY as there is a lot at stake for anyone in the area who loves the out-of-doors.


Anonymous said...

Tom - Where did you learn of this information? In other words, who is the source re eight Maryland parks are in risk of being closed?

riderx said...

Short summary:
O'Malley wants the legislature to support his budget gap proposal. If they don't the budget that is has cuts to bring the deficit under control. Part of those cuts would be closing 8 state parks.

I suspect O'Malley won't succeed which will mean cuts will need to be made. I'm sure what gets cut will be negotiated. We don't want the parks to be part of that.

Washington Post article:

Tom said...

I got this to-the-point responce:

Thanks for taking time to write. Unfortunately, you've been sent on a phantom mission. There is no plan, whatsoever, to shut down state park facilities.

This whole discussion is an invention of the Governor's Administration staff people who are using "prospective advocacy" to insure the passage or a package of revenue increases. Whether you agree with that outcome or not, it is simply dishonest to use threats of actions that are not even under consideration as a means of shaping policy.

I felt you deserved to know the truth.

Rick Weldon