Monday, June 25, 2007

Jamis & Titus Demo with an XT Twist

This past Sunday we held our Jamis/Titus demo at Gambrill State Park. The weather was perfect and lots of folks enjoyed test rides. Everything from a Jamis Exile 29er single speed to a Titanium/Carbon Fiber Titus RacerX was present at the event. The folks who came to the demo got an extra treat. We were showcasing the brand new 2008 Shimano XT equipment complete with shadow technology and pierced logos. Thanks to all who participated in the event as well as Robert (from Jamis) and Craig (from Titus/Shimano) for helping us out.


Hjalti said...

Thanks for hosting the event. It was nice to meet and talk bikes with the reps, who seemed genuinely interested in customer feedback (unlike, say, my industry) and opinions. It was cool to ride the sweet bikes too!

kev said...

Man, that XT stuff is nice looking. Better than the XTR maybe.